CD422 GAZ 67 Jeeps (x2)
The GAZ Jeep was a licensed copy of the US jeep made in the GAZ factories, effective and reliable vehicles that saw use on all fronts of the war.
CDRS09 Jeep Crews
CDRI10 Tank Riders
CD432 Lend Lease White Scout Car
The US and UK send huge ammounts of War Materiel to the USSR including this white scout car, armred with 4 machine guns and bullet proof, it was a reliable way to get around the battlefield!
CD419 BA 64 Armoured Cars (x2)
The BA-64 was based off the Jeep Chassis and was a reliable and cheap armoured scouting car armed with a dp28 machine gun to fend off attacks.
CD418A BA10M A/C
The BA6/10 Armoured cars were designed to travel the vast expanses of Russia and lend armoured support where tanks struggle to go. The BA/10 was an updated design with better armour and engine.
CD406 KV 2 Tank
The KV-2 was a howitzer version of the Kv-1 featuring a distinctive box shaped turret and enourmous cannon.
CDRS21 Officers
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