4/037 1950s/60s flats, single-storey lift shaft
4/037 single-storey lift shaft, dimensions: 32mm x 49mm x 43mm tall.
4/036 1950s/60s flats, roof unit with parapet
4/036 Roof unit with parapet, dimensions: 268mm x 86mm
4/040 Kit of parts for 4-storey 1950s/60s block of flats
4/040 1950s/60s style brick-built 4-storey block of flats.  This is a kit of parts to produce a 4-storey block complete with lift shaft.  Kit comprises:  4 x 4/033, 4 x 4/034, 4 x 4/035, 1 x 4/036, 4 x 4/037...
4/033 1950s/60s flats, single-storey front wall panel
4/033 Single-storey front wall panel (267mm long)
4/038 1950s/60s flats, lift shaft roof and winding house
4/038 Lift shaft roof and winding house, dimensions: 51mm x 57mm
4/034 1950s/60s flats, single-storey rear wall panel
4/034 Single-storey rear wall panel with balcony (267mm long)
4/035 1950s/60s flats, pair of single-storey end wall panels
4/035 Pair of single-storey end wall panels (84mm wide)
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