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Ottoman Field Gun and x3 Gun Crew with Entrenching Tools
This pack contains x3 Ottoman Gun Crew with x3 entrenching tools and x1 Ottoman Field Gun models.   These models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.   
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Isorian Dice Bag & Dice
All of our Isorian Beyond The Gates Of Antares Isorian dice bags come complete with a set of 12 Grey order dice.
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Cruel Seas: British Landing Craft (Large) Mk III Loaded
This kit contains one British Landing Craft (large) Mk III loaded with x11 1/300th Scale Sherman Tanks.  Mark 3"...At 192 feet (59 m) the Mark 3 was 32 feet (9.8 m) longer than the Mark 2. Although this meant extra weight,...
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Concord Intelligence Agent Bodyguards
This set consists of two Concord Intelligence Agent Bodyguard/Strike Escort models. These models allow for characterful options to use as part of a Concord C3 army, whether as Strike Escort for a Strike Commander, a Strike Commander in their own...
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Cruel Seas: Black Swan-Class Sloop
This Skytrex exclusive kit contains one Black Swan Class Sloop ship. Full rules for this ship can be found in the Cruel Seas Rulebook on Page 94. The ship is supplied with a Royal Navy Flag sheet and an appropriate...
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