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Pz III (Panzer III) Detachment Bundle
This Detachment Bundle includes the following: x3 Pz III (Panzer III) models FREE - Vehicle stowage specifically designed for these models. FREE - A selection of German Tank Commanders.   MDF base shown on painted model is not included and...
£27.75 £21.00
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German Infantry and Command Squad Bundle (51 Men)
This pack includes 51 German Infantry figures including enough figures to make the following units: 1 x Command Group of 3 figures 48 x Infantry (4 squads) including x4 NCO's and x4 LMG teams    Models supplied unpainted and unassembled,...
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Batter, Gun & Compactor Drone Pack
This pack contains the components need to make x2 of each of the following Gates of Antares Drones: Batter drones are defensive buddy drones that projects a kinetic energy shield or batter shield that can deflect or absorb incoming attacks....
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Destroyed Isorian Andhak Drone Objective
Andhak Support Drones are protected by phaseshift shielding as well as a conventional nano‐cored shell and kinetic shields however that hasn't prevented this drone from meeting an unfortunate end on the battlefield...  Although destroyed it is up to you to...
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Haitian Revolution (1791–1804) - Rebelling Enslaved People with Firearms (FULL PACK)
This blister pack contains 11 figures that represent rebelling enslaved people armed with firearm. There are 11 figures as part of this collection, you will receive 1 of each figure available in this pack.  Models supplied unpainted and without bases....
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