CD516 Char B 1 Heavy Tank
The Char B 1 traces its roots back to WW1 with long tracks and running gear. Even with these old features, it still had 2 powerful guns mounted and armour that stalled the Germans whenever it was encountered!
CD517 Somua S 35 Medium Tank
The Somua S35 was a well armed and armoured tank for 1940 and was one of the French armies most capable vehicles during the Battle of France.
CD530 Renault U.E. Tractors & Trailers (x2)
The Renault UE "Chenillette's" were armoured prime movers similar to the Britsh universal carrier with many thousands produced and employed in the battle of France.
CD545 25mm AT Guns (x2)
These 25mm anti tank guns may seem small calibre now, but could disable most tanks in the world at moderate ranges in the late 30's and have an incredible rate of fire for an anti tank weapon.
CD546 75mm Field Guns (x3)
The French 75mm was a Symbol of French might during WW1 and soldiered on into WW2 still boasting a good rate of fire and projectile a true French classic!
CD547 47mm AT guns (x3)
The French 47mm was a great gun for the early 1940's, so good it was adopted by the German heer on vehicles like the Marder I.
CD548 105mm Guns (x2)
The French 105 boasted good range and firepower, perfect for eliminating strong points and infantry out in the open.
CD549 155mm Howitzers (x2)
In WW1 the French were consistantly short on larger artillery so over that conflict and inbetween the great wars they invested heavily in mighty 155mm guns such as this.
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