Beyond the Gates of Antares Start Collecting Army Lists

Here at Skytrex we have been working on a selection of 50 point ‘Start Collecting’ Scout forces for each of the Beyond the Gates of Antares factions.

Included below are some possible starting options that we will be continuing to expand in the upcoming weeks until each reaches a full 100pt Army.

The goals for this is to allow anyone a good starting point in the game with whatever faction they like if they have not played before. Or for those who have collected and played Gate s of Antares the opportunity to potentially build and add to their collections.

These lists will aim to take advantage of a wide variety of the fantastic model range available in this game to build and expand each force. The contents of these lists will shortly be available as bundles through the Skytrex website and each will come with either discounts, possibly with some free models or even with out of production miniatures so be sure to check them out…

Algoryn - 50pts Scout Force

  • 2x Vector AI Squads (5 Models @ 10 pts) - 20pts
  • 1x Vector AI Command (3 Model squad leaving spares for later on) - 10pts
  • 1x Vector Support Team (Mag Light Support) - 6pts
  • 1x Vector Support Team (X-Launcher & Ammo) - 7pts
  • 1x Scout Probe Shard (4 Probes) - 5pts      

Total – 48pts


We built several Concord armies to allow variation depending on the theme you wanted to focus and play, this is by no means the only way to build these forces but a good starting point in the respective factions.

Concord Drop Force - 50pts Scout Force

  • 1x C3 Drop Squad - 14pts
  • 1x Interceptor Squad - 13pts
  • 1x Subvertor Drone - 8pts             
  • 1x C3D2 Medium Drone with Plasma Cannon - 10pts   
  • 1x C3 Targetter Probe Shard - 5pts    

Total – 50pts


Concord C3 - 50pts Scout Force

  • 2x Strike Squads (5 Models @ 10 pts) - 20pts
  • 2x C3D1 Light Support Drones (Plasma Light Support) (7pts each) - 14pts
  • 1x Support Team with X-Launcher - 10pts           
  • 1x C3 Scout Probe Shard - 3pts              

Total – 47pts


As with the Concord above there are various ways to build Boromite lists so rather than looking at only one we decided to create three themed forces so you can choose what you would prefer.

Clan Workforce – 50pts Scout Force

  • Work Gang – 10pts
  • Work Face team with Heavy Frag Borer – 9pts
  • Engineer Team (3 Crew & 2 Vorpal Charges) – 11pts
  • Guild Weapons Team with Mag Light Support – 7pts
  • Lavamite Handler on Suspensor with 3 Lavamite Rock Brood – 11pts

Total – 48pts


Lavan Breeder Force - 50pts Scout Force

  • Lavamite Handler on Suspensor with 3 Lavamite Rock Brood – 11pts
  • Rock Rider Squad – 14pts
  • Lavamite Handler on Suspensor with 3 Lavamite Rock Dogs – 9pts
  • Work Gang – 10pts
  • Workface team with Frag Borer – 6pts.

Total – 50pts


Guild Security Force - 50pts Scout Force

  • Security Gangers – 11pts
  • Security Gangers – 11pts
  • Rock Father – 12pts
  • Lavamite Handler on Suspensor with 3 Lavamite Rock Dogs – 9pts
  • Guild Weapons Team with Mag Cannon – 7pts

Total – 50pts

Freeborn - 50pts Scout force

  • 2x Domari Squads (6 Models @ 9 pts each) - 18pts
  • 1x Vardinari Squad - 10pts
  • 1x Domari Weapon Team with Mag Cannon - 6pts       
  • 1x Skyraider Squad - 14pts

Total – 48pts

Ghar - 50pts Scout Force

  • 1x Scourer Squad (3 Models) - 13pts
  • 1x Assault Squad (3 Models) - 15pts
  • 1x Bomber Squad (3 Models) - 10pts
  • 1x Attack Scutter Squad (3 Models) - 10pts

Total – 48pts

Isorians - 50pts Scout Force

  • 1x Nar Var Command Squad (3 Models - Senatex Command Squad) - 10pts
  • 1x Nar Vesh Squad (5 Models - Isorian Senatex Phase Squad) - 11pts
  • 1x Tsan Mahra (3 Models - Tsan Ra Torus Squad) - 13pts
  • 1x Isorian phase sniper - 8pts
  • 1x Isorian Nhamak light support drone - 8pts

Total – 50pts

Viral - 50pts Scout Force

  • 1x Secondary Instance Command - 13pts           
  • 1x Defenders Squad - 10pts           
  • 1x Constructor Squad - 9pts
  • 1x Scavenger Squad - 9 pts
  • 1x Mining Team - 9pts                

Total – 50pts

Next week we'll be looking to expand each of the above army lists with a further 25pts to turn the 'Scout' forces into 'Skirmish' and then 'Exploration' forces along with ideas of additional models and units that would fit well with each...


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