Painted 'Isorian' Spaceships (Part 3)

A little while ago now I posted some converted Spaceships which had a distinctly Antarean feel to them (helped in no small part by the fact that the base components for the models were from various weapons on an Algoryn vehicle).

They seemed to go down pretty well though so we held a poll on the Skytrex Facebook page (here) about which faction(s) from the Beyond the Gates of Antares I should be turning my hand to next when it came to creating some more themed ships.

When the dust had settled the Isorians won with 23 votes out of the 105 that were cast and I started to tentatively explore and convert some ships of various sizes based on the components available to me from the Gates of Antares range.

The ships I ended up coming up with were a mixed selection of larger 'Cruiser' class ships, a possible 'Frigate' and some wacky 'Escort' ships. The plan to get some paint on them has taken a couple of weeks longer than anticipated, with that being said though they've now been finished and the pictures will be available both here and on the Skytrex Facebook page.

I tried to paint them with my own take on the Gates of Antares Isorian studio colour scheme and all in all I am happy with how they have come out. The community as a whole seems to have been quite intrigued by this project, Tim Bancroft has now added several articles that he's written to the Antares Nexus which are linked to an Antarean Starship game (here).

The best part now is that with some optional rules anyone can turn their hand to making their own ships out of whatever conversion components they may have and people can choose to get stuck into playing another game set in the Antares universe that is unlike their previous experiences... 

 How it started...

 How it's going - The completed 'Isorian' ships...
The 'Algoryn' that started the whole project:

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