Turkish Delight! John Stallard’s Ottomans, Part 3

This week there is another new article on the Warlord Games community website featuring John Stallard's beautifully painted Ottoman Empire army with a special focus on the Artillery, shown - here.
Dug in, fortified, and bristling with firepower! Would you charge at this lot? 
...Much of John's massive (and ever expanding) army is comprised of models from the Trent Miniatures range of models available from Skytrex which can be seen here
To coincide with John's artillery themed article we have added some brand new Artillery bundles to the Trent Miniatures Ottoman Empire range. This includes Field Guns including crew and also an Artillery Bundle comprising of two Field Guns, two Mortars and all the crew required shown hereBelow are some of the pictures from John's article but be sure to read the full article for more details about this fantastic army...


Thanks to the efforts of the pioneers, the artillery is well-prepared for the enemy.

Line up your guns! Colourful but deadly. 

Camel mounted swivel guns...

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