Length of stone retaining wall & buttresses
Composite pack of 4 x 4/053 and 5 x 4/018 to produce a length of stone retaining walling with buttresses measuring approx 580mm long x 115mm tall. (Saving £5.00 on purchasing parts individually.)
One-piece casting of 2 open wide stone arches UNPAINTED
4/020 Stone one-piece casting of 2 open wide stone arches with buttresses.  Dimensions: W408mm x H115mm.    Internal dimensions of each arch:  131mm wide x 79mm high at apex.  Parapet is 23mm tall.  Price quoted is for unpainted item.
Stone back-fill panel UNPAINTED
4/019 Stone back-fill panel for stone arch 4/017.  Dimensions are: W151mm x H84mm.  Price quoted is for unpainted item.
Wide stone arch & separate parapet UNPAINTED
4/017 Wide stone arch and separate parapet, overall dimensions: W161mm x H91mm;internal dimensions of arch: 127mm wide x 78 mm high at apex.  Parapet is 23mm tall.
Stone retaining wall with separate parapet
Resin cast stone retaining wall with separate parapet.  Dimensions:  width 110mm, height 91mm and parapet 23mmCan be used with 4/018 buttresses to form extended lengths of retaining wall.  See 5/054 for multiple purchase deal.
Stone buttress & separate parapet UNPAINTED
4/018 Stone buttress and separate parapet dimensions: W28mm x H115mm).  Price quoted is for unpainted kit.
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