SMRA01 Assorted Crates and Boxes (Metal & Resin)
O Gauge Assorted Crates and Boxes (Metal & Resin)
SMRT2 Sleeper -Built Buffer Stop (Resin)
O Gauge Sleeper -Built Buffer Stop (Resin)
4A/012 Oil Drums (metal x10)
10 white metal cast oil drums.
4A/006 Wooden Crates (metal x10)
10 individual metal cast wooden crates each 11x9x8mm.
4LS/004A GWR Ground mounted water crane
White metal & resin kit of a ground mounted GWR water crane with fire devil.Overall height: 83mm. Swing radius: 58mm. Base: 62x20mm. Includes wire & chain plus optional arms, drains & valves.
SMRA62 4 Oil Drums with Hand Pumps
O Gauge Oil Drums with hand pumps. 4 resin cast 50 gal oil drums with white metal cast hand pumps & funnels. Require assembly & painting. Drill out the cap on the top of the oil drum to insert the...
7/317 Post Crane
O Gauge Post Crane Kit (Plinth not included 3 Buckets are included)
SMRA11 Oil Drums (Resin)
O Gauge Oil Drums (Resin) x8
4LS/011 Diesel Refueling Point Kit
Resin & white metal kit of a Diesel Refueling Point.
4LS/009 Sleeper Built Coaling Stage
Sleeper built coaling stage kit. Cast in resin. 74mm long & 35mm wide.
4LS/007 Sleeper Built Platform Section with steps
Sleeper built platform or loading dock section - 74mm long, 35mm wide & 19mm tall (excluding the steps).
4LS/005 2ton Yard Crane
White metal kit. Includes chain and wire stays.
4/011B Short brick buttress with tall parapet
Short brick buttress 27mm wide & 91mm tall with separate parapet 29mm tall.
4LS/003 NER Water Crane (platform mounted).
White metal & resin kit of a platform mounted NER water crane.Overall height: 52mm. Swing radius: 34mm. Base: 45x19mm. Chain included.
4LS/001 SR Water Column
White metal & resin kit of a SR (LSWR) water column.Overall height: 60mmBase: 32mm Square.
4/052 Derelict stone barn
An attractive scenic feature piece cast from an original master sculpted by David Wright.  This one-piece resin casting has a footprint of 125 x73mm including steps and is 77mm tall.
4A/002 Clusters of Large Wooden Barrels
6 assorted clusters of large wooden barrels.
SMRA56 Vertically Stacked Small Wooden Barrels (resin)
Resin cast stack of 36 small wooden barrels - 86mm long, 34mm tall & 29mm wide. Individual barrel as SMRA17
7/BC19B 6 tall fire buckets on free-standing rack
Pack of 6 tall fire buckets on a free-standing rack, cast in metal
7/360 2 x GWR platform trolley
Pack of 2 GWR platform trolleys
7/240 GWR Fire Devil
O Gauge GWR Fire Devil
7/003 Concrete Ballast Bins (Pair)
O Gauge Concrete Ballast Bins (Pair)
7/182 1940's Pre-Fab Bungalow
O Gauge 1940's Pre-Fab Bungalow Kit (180mm x 125mm)
7/050 GWR Double Sided Station Nameboards Per Pair W/M
O Gauge GWR Double Sided Station Nameboards Per Pair W/M Display face 15 x72mm
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