SMRT2 Sleeper -Built Buffer Stop (Resin)
O Gauge Sleeper -Built Buffer Stop (Resin)
SMRA01 Assorted Crates and Boxes (Metal & Resin)
O Gauge Assorted Crates and Boxes (Metal & Resin)
4A/012 Oil Drums (metal x10)
10 white metal cast oil drums.
SMRA62 4 Oil Drums with Hand Pumps
O Gauge Oil Drums with hand pumps. 4 resin cast 50 gal oil drums with white metal cast hand pumps & funnels. Require assembly & painting. Drill out the cap on the top of the oil drum to insert the...
SMRA16 Medium Wooden Barrels (Resin)
O Gauge Medium Wooden Barrels (Resin)
SMRA11 Oil Drums (Resin)
O Gauge Oil Drums (Resin) x8
4LS/005 2ton Yard Crane
White metal kit. Includes chain and wire stays.
4/011B Short brick buttress with tall parapet
Short brick buttress 27mm wide & 91mm tall with separate parapet 29mm tall.
4A/002 Clusters of Large Wooden Barrels
6 assorted clusters of large wooden barrels.
7/BC19B 6 tall fire buckets on free-standing rack
Pack of 6 tall fire buckets on a free-standing rack, cast in metal
7/BC09 3 SQ Section Downpipes with Hopper For SMRS37
O Gauge 3 SQ Section Downpipes with Hopper (120mm long) for SMRS37
7/332 Shallow Harbour/Canal Wharf Edging
O Gauge Shallow Harbour/Canal Wharf Edging (465mm long x 20mm tall)
SMRT1 Rail-Built Buffer Stop (Metal)
O Gauge Rail-Built Buffer Stop (Metal)
7/238 Barrow or Pedestrian Crossing
O Gauge Barrow or Pedestrian Crossing
7/359 Fuel/oil storage tank
O Gauge Fuel/oil storage tank plus tanker discharge point.  Dimensions of brick base are: 125mm x 82mm. Resin & white metal kit with a section of plastic tubing to create the tank.
4LS/007A Sleeper Built Platform Extension Section
Sleeper built platform/loading dock extension section can be used singularly or in multiples to extend the length of sleeper built platform section 4LS/007. Each section is - 74mm long, 35mm wide & 19mm tall.
4A/008 Medium Wooden Barrels (metal x10)
10 individual metal cast wooden barrels each 11mm tall & 9mm max dia.
4A/006 Wooden Crates (metal x10)
10 individual metal cast wooden crates each 11x9x8mm.
4LS/004A GWR Ground mounted water crane
White metal & resin kit of a ground mounted GWR water crane with fire devil.Overall height: 83mm. Swing radius: 58mm. Base: 62x20mm. Includes wire & chain plus optional arms, drains & valves.
4/045 Wall panel with single-track wagon entrance for brick-built warehouse/goodshed
4/045 3-storey, brick-built warehouse/goodshed module which has a single-track wagon entrance.  Dimensions: 47 x 202mm.  Can be used with 4/043, 4/044, 4/046 and 4/047 to create varied facade.  Price quoted is for unpainted item.
4/044 Wide fully windowed wall panel for brick-built warehouse/goodshed
4/044 3-storey module for brick-built warehouse/goodshed.  Wide, fully-windowed wall panel, dimensions: 47 x 202mm.  Can be used with 4/043, 4/045, 4/046, 4/047 to create an interesting facade.  Prices quoted are for unpainted items.
7/245C 2 Bureau & 2 Chairs
O Gauge 2 Bureau & 2 Chairs. Cast in white metal. Require assembly & painting.
7/364 Upper Chimney Section
Solid resin, one piece cast upper chimney section. 380mm tall. 46mm dia. base. 28mm dia. cap.
7/026 Steel Tool Bin Lineside (Pair)
O Gauge Steel Tool Bin Lineside (Pair)
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