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Cart Horse and Traces x1
This pack contains: 1 Randomly selected Cart Horse & Traces.  This model is designed to go with a number of the available Wagons. Cart Horse with wagon packs can be found by clicking on the options below: Plank-Sided Wagon Ladder-Sided...
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Studebaker 2.5 Ton Truck Bundle (x5 Models)
This bundle contains x5 models, including one of each variant of the newly redesigned Command Decision 15mm WW2 Studebaker 2.5 Ton Truck models with an inbuilt discount. CD434 - Studebaker 2.5 Ton Truck with white metal tilt, cab and driver CD434A - Studebaker...
£38.54 £34.71
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Cruel Seas: Denny Class SGB (HMS Grey Goose)
This set contains: x1 Denny Class Steam Gun Boat (HMS Grey Goose) model.  x1 Medium Wake card and x1 sheet of Royal Navy flags.  HMS Grey Goose was one of a small class of Steam Gun Boats (SGBs) built for...
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Cruel Seas: HDML - HMS Medusa
This set contains: x1 Harbour Defence Motor Launch (HDML) - HMS Medusa model  x1 Small Wake card and x1 sheet of Royal Navy flags.  The only survivor of almost 500 Harbour Defence Motor Launches (HDMLs) built during the Second World...
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Duchy of Warsaw – Artillery Crew Firing (No Cannon)
This pack contains x4 Duchy of Warsaw – Artillery Crew Firing models. This does not include a cannon model. This pack contains: x4 Different firing crew models. All Images are kindly supplied by Murawski Miniatures and will be updated shortly. ...
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