Part 2 - Painting the 50pt Gates of Antares 'Start Collecting' Algoryn force

Recently we held a poll on the Skytrex Facebook page about which of the new 'Start Collecting' bundles people would like to see me paint up. The Algoryn and Isorian forces both topped the poll though so it suddenly looked like I would be painting two forces rather than one...

The 'Start Collecting' bundles are designed to offer you from 50 to 100 point army lists and includes a number of the options and units available to each faction.

Every bundle has some level of inbuilt discount applied to it or the opportunity to get special figures like the Ghar Dismounted Battle Suit Pilots to allow people to add characterful figures to their existing collections while either expanding (or starting) an army from this fantastic game.

The Algoryn 'army list' was as follows:

Algoryn - 50pts Scout Force

  • 2x Vector AI Squads (5 Models @ 10 pts) - 20pts
  • 1x Vector AI Command (3 Model squad leaving spares for later on) - 10pts
  • 1x Vector Support Team (Mag Light Support) - 6pts
  • 1x Vector Support Team (X-Launcher & Ammo) - 7pts
  • 1x Scout Probe Shard (4 Probes) - 5pts      

Total – 48pts

 ...I was fortunate to inherit some models from Charlie at Warlord Games, because of this I decided to continue and expand upon his idea of a green armoured Algoryn force and have then added a selection of other colours and basing materials to both 'make them my own' whilst also making them pop on the table top.

This has also meant that I have some models that are not available (currently that is anyway...) such as the metal AI Command Group however if they prove to be a popular option then I'm sure that they (and others like them) can make a come back as 'made to order' units.

This is only the first of what I hope will be many articles linked to the Start Collecting Antares project, I've been speaking to various people in the Antares community and can honestly say that there are some exciting articles coming as new groups find the game and get stuck into their own hobby building, painting and gaming projects so watch this space and if you haven't done so already be sure to sign up to the Newsletter, Facebook and Instagram profiles so that you don't miss out on any updates...



So what's next then...?

While painting the Algoryn I couldn't resist painting up one of the new Freeborn Crashed Skimmer Objectives, these models are a blast to paint and great to add more flavour and character to your games

Now that I have completed the 50pt 'Start Collecting' Algoryn force the next step is to make a start on the 50pt Isorians force and then after that they can both hit the table top for the first time. Recently I have also been speaking to various avid members of the Antares community online about upcoming events and 'Tale of four Gamers' style blogs that they have planned.

There is a group planning to meet on 1st April in Lincoln and I am planning to be there to say hello, take some pictures and see the community in action so watch this space for more updates soon...  



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